Coordinated by SINTEF, FUEL-UP has a consortium of 12 partners from 8 different EU countries, gathering major industrial actors, leading research institutes and small and medium-sized enterprises, covering the entire value chain for the development of next generation of biofuel production technologies for the aviation and the marine sectors and their implementation in existing refineries.

SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations, located in Norway and gathering 2000 employees from 75 nationalities. It has a very large expertise in process design in general, and in biofuels’ technologies in particular, in which they coordinated several European projects. SINTEF is also largely skilled in digitalisation, catalyst development and process engineering.

Duncan Akporiaye

Project Coordinator,
Research Director

Nikolaos Tsakoumis

Project Coordinator,
Research Scientist

SINTEF Ocean conducts research and innovation related to ocean space for national and international industries. Transport, food and energy production represent the backbone of ocean-based industries, and are also core areas for SINTEF Ocean. In addition, SINTEF Ocean focuses on environmental technology, with one of the world’s leading professional environments in marine environmental technology.
BTG has specialised itself in the conversion of biomass into fuels, energy and biobased raw materials for the past 30 years. BTG is an independent, private company that organised its activities in two business units: consultancy and project development, and research and technology development.
BTG-neXt offers technology to produce drop-in biofuels that can be used in transport without having to invest in new engines or systems. Building on the fast pyrolysis technology of sister company BTG Bioliquids, BTG-neXt offers technology to upgrade the FPBO into stabilized pyrolysis oil (SPO) or even a drop-in biofuel, using a proprietary catalyst and hydrotreatment process.
Tüpraş, is the largest industrial company and the largest refinery in Turkey. Having four refineries in different cities with a total of 30 million tons of refining capacity, Tüpraş aims to guide the energy sector through accomplished innovation, and to supply the nation’s petroleum products need. Tüpraş is mainly engaged in refining of crude oil and petroleum products, as well as producing, selling, importing and exporting a range of refined petroleum products including jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil, lubricants, bitumen and LPG.
Ranido, s.r.o. is an SME located in Prague, the Czech Republic. The company focuses on catalyst R&D and custom manufacturing service and has more than 20 years of experience in catalyst development for various applications, including refining, petrochemistry and specialty chemicals.
Avecom is a Belgian-based expert in Microbial Resource Management and excels not only in wastewater treatment, digestion processes, and soil remediation but also in the specialized field of microbial fermentation. Avecom specializes in biodegradation, biosynthesis, and engineering microbial consortia for sustainable and cost-efficient solutions in environmental remediation and biomass fermentation
DLR is the national aeronautics and space research centre of Germany. Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, energy, transport and security is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures. DLR has a large expertise, among others, in the pre-screening of aviation fuel candidates and ways towards the approval of advanced synthetic fuels.
By linking research/experimental results/real production line data with process design and synthesis principles, AristEng S.à r.l. performs high level techno – economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment of novel processes and new products at any phase of the project development: from embryonic lab-scale concepts to mature industrial-scale facilities.
ETA is a consultancy and engineering firm based in Florence (Italy), active in the field of renewable energy, with a multi-disciplinary and international team. Currently, the company is involved in several projects funded by H2020 and Horizon Europe, where activities encompass communication, dissemination and support to exploitation pathways. Since 2000 on ETA has been also the organiser of the annual European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE).
LIST brings together diverse and complementary skills in information and communication technologies, environmental technologies, biotechnologies and advanced materials. The Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Circularity (SUSTAIN) research unit provides industry and policy makers with science-based assessment (via new methods and technologies) of the impacts and risks associated to manufacturing of products and technologies, consumption patterns, energy systems and the urban built environment.

Thomas Schaubroeck

R&T Associate - Sustainability Expert

Ketjen provides advanced catalyst solutions to leading producers in the refining, petrochemical, and specialty chemicals industries. From fluidized catalytic cracking to clean fuels solutions to hydro-processing to organometallics and curatives, Ketjen delivers safe and reliable solutions that increase production performance and business value. A wholly owned subsidiary of Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB), Ketjen Corporation is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and serves global customers through operations in 27 markets.

Ludo Boot

R&D Advisor, Catalysts Exploratory R&D