Video Inteview to Ayşegül Bayat, PhD, Technical Lead, Tüpraş

It’s now time to hear more from another FUEL-UP project partner: Tüpraş

Tüpraş is the largest industrial company and the largest refinery in Turkey. Having four refineries in different cities with a total of 30 million tons of refining capacity, Tüpraş aims to guide the energy sector through environmentally friendly fuel production and to become Türkiye’s leading sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) manufacturer.

In FUEL-UP project, Tüpraş is mainly responsible for the conversion of stabilized deoxygenated pyrolysis oils (SDPO) and renewable feedstock into SAF, marine diesel in TRL 4 and in TRL 6 levels.

Learn more by watching this inteview to Ayşegül Bayat, PhD, Technical Lead, Tüpraş