Powering a greener future for aviation and marine transport

FUEL-UP aims at transforming forest waste into advanced biofuels to enable the green transition and the decarbonisation of the aviation and the marine transport sectors

Advanced biofuels are an essential solution to achieve the European objectives for tackling climate change

They can provide

of global transport fuel
0 %
of global aviation fuel by 2050
0 %
Gt of CO₂ emissions reductions per year when produced sustainably

FUEL-UP is a Horizon Europe project aiming at:

100% Biogenic feedstock

FUEL-UP will demonstrate the production of renewable sustainable aviation fuels and marine fuels from 100% biogenic waste.

80% Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

FUEL-UP aims at achieving up to 80% reduction in GHG emissions compared to fossil fuels and 47% compared to the state-of-the-art advanced biofuels as well as to provide scenarios for green hydrogen production.

Creating new EU value chains for biofuels production

FUEL-UP plans for development, roadmaps and scale-up will ensure that new value chains arise by 2030 and replicate by 2035 to then deploy at EU level by 2040 in 25 sites among the 12 potential countries in EU.

Paving the way to marine and aviation fuel certification

FUEL-UP will pave the way to EU certification of processes and products in order to ensure that production is compatible with practical usage and it is socially accepted.

FUEL-UP implementation technology

Flexible and efficient processing allowing

  • Valorisation of forest residues and diversification of feedstock
  • Different fuel qualities for two main applications: marine & avaition
  • Blending of biofuels with fossil fuels and synthetic renewable fuels

Maximising process side streams valorisation

  • Aqueous phase treatment to produce biogas and extract of alcohols, ketones and carboxylic acids
  • Aromatisation of heavy naphtha fraction to produce solvents
  • Blending of light naphtha fraction to biomethanol to produce marine fuel

Ensuring market needs

  • Derisking of technologies at TRL7 with high scalability potential to commercial scale
  • Capacity of 90 kt/HPO by 2030 at commercial scale

Environmentally friendly process

  • Derisking of technologies at TRL7 with high scalability potential to commercial scale
  • Capacity of 90 kt/HPO by 2030 at commercial scale

The work of FUEL-UP will lead to

0 kt/year
production of aviation fuel of 100% biogenic origin covering 0.6% of the European jet fuel demand by 2035 and 4.9% of EU SAF demand.
0 kt/year
production of marine fuel of 100% biogenic origin by 2035 and 750kt/y by 2040 covering ~5% of the European market

Contribution to

3 Sustainable Development Goals
Green Deal
1 EU Regulation: FuelEU Maritime Regulation

Our first press release is now online!